Goodbye silos, hello teamwork

Create, share, and harness knowledge across teams

Get everyone on the same page

Take notes, plan projects, and refine ideas with flexible Confluence Pages. Or let AI do it for you.

Create content with ease:

Countless templates to get started fast

Blogs to manage internal comms

AI editor to fill in the blanks

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Your team’s knowledge, all in one place

image of a confluence page

From files to freedom

Create dynamic Pages with all kinds of content, like Whiteboards, Databases, and videos. Pull in all your work to reduce context-switching.

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Your shortcut for accelerating work

Eliminate writer’s block, automate repetitive tasks, and summarize lengthy docs with AI.

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Connect the dots across your teams

Build a source of truth for all teams. Stay caught up across your company with organized content and knowledge that's easily findable and always up-to-date.

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Confluence is for every team

Templates for marketing teams

Nail your GTM strategy and plan marketing programs with your team

Image of Marketing plan template

Collaboratively document competitor offerings & strategies

Image of Competitive analysis template

Build a solid campaign blueprint to drive impact

Image of Marketing campaign template
Image of Marketing plan template
Image of Competitive analysis template
Image of Marketing campaign template

Why Confluence?

Versatile content creation

Bring your ideas to life with a rich palette of content: Whiteboards, Databases, and videos within every Confluence Page.

Organization that scales

You’ll never outgrow Confluence. Project resources and company knowledge stay centralized and discoverable.

Powerful integrations

Connect Confluence to thousands of your favorite tools to access data and manage workflows across apps.

Data protection

User-level permissions keep your information private. Company data stays secure and always remains in your control.

Lead Atlassian Administrator, Dropbox

Confluence out of the box is a fantastic product, and integrations take it to another level. We can embed videos, media, and all sorts of files and make them accessible across the enterprise.

Damien Davis
Lead Atlassian Administrator, Dropbox

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Integrate with your faves

All the tools you know and love integrate smoothly with Confluence

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Feel supported every step of the way

Ditch your old docs, collaborate effortlessly with Confluence

Confluence is your connected workspace, designed for collaboration and built to last