Business plan one-pager template

by Isos Technology

Set your strategy (and stick to it) with a short and simple plan

Business plan one-pager

Strategic plans are tough to create, and tough to revisit. There’s so much information, and your company’s vision can get lost in all of those pages. Isos Technology knows a thing or two about making big things happen, and they swear by this business plan one-pager template for getting a simplified vision out of your head and into a format your team can use.

How to use the business plan one-pager template

Step 1. Sum up who you are

Your company likely has a few documents that cover what your business is and what you’re working toward. One of the most helpful things you can do for your whole team is to boil all of it down into concise, bite-sized statements. That’s what you’ll do in the first two sections of The destination table of this template. Fill in who you are and why you exist so that everybody is on the same page about these core elements.

Step 2. Highlight your long-term strategy

The top of the template is called The destination for a reason – it’s all about setting your medium- and long-term goals. Use the rest of the table to establish where you think your company will be in the next 10 years or so. Are you aiming to achieve a certain amount of profit? A specific team size? A position as an industry leader? Note those goals here. There’s also space to map out your market approach, including information about your targets, your value proposition, and the process you use to deliver that value to your customers. 

Step 2. Highlight your long-term strategy

Step 3. Set your mid-term view

Long-term strategies can make you feel like you have way too much to do, so the Mid-term view is where you can identify what you’ll work toward within the next two to four years. Of course, these mid-term tasks should support the larger goals that you set – they’ll just make the process of achieving them more approachable. In this section, there’s also space to set a date and note your revenue and profit, metrics that you’ll monitor, and a clear definition of what success looks like.

Step 4. Figure out your short-term goals

The path is where you’ll lock in your goals for the year, the quarter, and even issues to discuss this week. For your annual and quarterly goals, you’ll also record your revenue, profit, and metrics. Unlike your long-term strategies, plan to create this page every quarter so that you successfully track progress and keep things current.

Step 4. Figure out your short-term goals
Isos Technology

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