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Invite your organization at large to get to know your team

Team Homepage

Very often success is about who you know. Help the entire company get to know your team better with the Team homepage template from Hubspot, a multiple best place to work listmaker. HubSpot recommends that every team or major project have a space like this, and their handy template can help you set it up quickly. It’s already formatted to highlight who’s who on your team, what they do, your goals and initiatives, and more. All you need is to fill it in and set it as your space overview, so that anyone who lands here has a clear sense of your team’s mission.

How to use the team homepage template

Step 1. Say hello

The template starts off with a section where you can explain your team’s reason for being. State your goals and your main charter. If you have concrete goals, fill them in in the Team metrics area. The About section is where you go explain what your team’s main priorities are and what you may be looking to achieve in the future. 

Blogging is big at Atlassian. We use blogs to underpin our Open culture of collaboration and transparency. If your company feels as passionately about blogging as we do, add some links here. You may include an overall team update post, project updates, team member intros and promotions, or even posts about team members’ passion projects.  The blog macro makes it easy to add posts. Just type “/blog post” and then fill out the WYSIWYG editor to choose one to add to your team’s space.

Step 2. Meet the team

Put a face to a name and avoid awkward moments like when Joy introduces herself to Hugh, even after they’ve already exchanged a dozen Slack messages. There’s a macro for this too. Type “/profile photo” to display team members’ avatars.

Step 2. Meet the team

Step 3. Add the latest update

The Latest updates area is for you to add any team updates that the entire company needs to know or would be interested in. Display these pages by typing “/recent updates”  in your team space. For example, if your goals or project poster have recently been updated, you can see that with this macro.

Step 3. Add the latest update

Step 4. Embed relevant links

The Featured resources section says it all. Here’s where you can refer to other documents that highlight what your team is focused on. It’s a good place to link to your open job requirements (and ask the entire company for their referrals), brand guidelines, your team OKRs, and anything else that can provide background on what your team is working toward.

Step 4. Embed relevant links

Step 5. Project overviews

The template provides for several sections at the bottom for more in-depth information about your big rock initiatives. You may want to include a project roadmap or poster, the timeline, creative brief, or whatever else paints the picture for those outside your team.


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